➵Black Friday GOODYEAR 766748405 ULTRA GRIP P185/70R14/SL 87S | World

➵Black Friday GOODYEAR 766748405 ULTRA GRIP P185/70R14/SL 87S


  • A special blend of tread polymers
  • Directional tread pattern
  • Advanced stud pin pattern
  • High tread blade density and unique blade shape
  • Heavy shoulder blocks

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Product Description
Goodyear Ultra Grip tires provide superior traction in rain and snow for extra grip and maneuverability in adverse conditions. This studdable tire has advanced technology designs such as special polymer materials blended in the tread for enhanced traction. The directional tread pattern and heavy shoulder blocks in this winter tire design also gives drivers extra lateral grip for turning. The tire design also provides smoother rides, reduced vibrations, and allows even wear contributing to long tire life.

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