➵Black Friday GOODYEAR 413379329 ASSURAN TOUR 225/55R16/SL 95H | World

➵Black Friday GOODYEAR 413379329 ASSURAN TOUR 225/55R16/SL 95H


  • SIZE 225/55R16/SL
  • MIN RIM WIDTH6.0000
  • MAX RIM WIDTH8.0000

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Product Description
Recommended by Consumers Digest as a Touring Tire Best BuyA Special Comfort Layer in the Tread Helps Provide, on Average, 20% More Cushion than Standard Passenger Tires*.ComfortEdge Sidewalls Help Provide a Versatile Balance of Comfort and Handling.An Asymmetric Tread Helps Provide Refined Handling and Confident Wet Traction.Wide Circumferential Grooves Help Evacuate Water Away from the Tread for Enhanced Traction on Wet Roads.Eligible for an 80,000 Mile/130,000 Kilometer Tread Life Limited Warranty on T- and H-speed rated sizes and a 70,000 Mile/110,000 Kilometer Tread Life Limited Warranty on V-speed rated sizes.Eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty.

purchasing.idaho.gov all products factors p235/55r17 98h s1 regatta 2 b06rptl p255/75r17 113s s2 wrl sr-a owl tl lt275/65r18 c wrl at/s owl tl p265/60r17 108h s2 eag rs-a vsbrptl Tire Results 225/55/16 Pep Boys Visit PepBoys.com to browse our full line of Parts, Services, Tires, and Accessories for your car, truck, SUV, or ATV.

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